Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boys will be boys...

When we first got Henry, we were afraid that we would give him too much attention and Wilson would be neglected and hate us. I don't think that's the case anymore, but we may have overcompensated, as Henry is really independent and not particularly cuddly, but Wilson is SO dependant on me. Anytime anyone else holds him he's very obviously uncomfortable and straining to get back to me, but Henry loves attention from anyone and is totally willing to stick his tongue up anyone's nose.

Henry, when he was Baby Henry. Actually, about 2 months ago.
They do get along very well, and haven't had any dominance issues yet. As Henry gets older and larger, and his boy parts become more man parts, I'm guessing there may be some. But for now, they just play. Very roughly. I wish I had some pictures of this, because I'm honestly amazed that we've still got all 4 puggie eyes, but they seem to survive. Last week Henry bit Wilson's big lip a bit too hard and drew blood, but after an hour of cuddles with Mom, they were back at it.

7 AM Wilson - otherwise known as Yoda Wilson
I assume a lot of the rough play is their difference in age, and once Henry gets fixed and grows up a bit he'll be more laidback. Until then, Mom or Dad are around to play refferree.

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