Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

This morning I went to Easter brunch with my family, while Aaron stayed home sleeping with the boys. He's a bartender, so most earlier morning (before noon) family actives are Aaron-free. At the table next to ours, the Florida State girls basketball team were also enjoying brunch. My nephew Ryan, who's 3, was pretty impressed with the girls. One reached up and touched the ceiling on the way out, and he shouted "Whoa! She just touched the sky!" He also told them all "good luck" on the way out, so I was happy to hear that they had in fact won their game on Saturday.

Ryan and Henry
Ryan LOVES Henry. He's not so sure about Wilson, but Wilson is fairly large for a pug, 23 lbs, and tends to think that when Ryan runs away, it's because he wants to play.
After lunch Aaron and I went to his grandmother's for a late lunch. We left the boys at home since there were going to be so many people there, but it was nice when everyone was disappointed. We ended the day at my parent's place, and just stayed for a couple hours for a quick visit. By that time, we were ready to get home to our boys.

They were just sleeping - but I'm sure they missed us!

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ladypug said...

awww - brotherly pug love, such a cute pic.

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