Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weekend Review

I'm just a few days late - but I've had a busy start to the week! But without further ado - here's my weekend recap.
Saturday morning was the season's first farmer's market so I decided to venture out with Henry. Last year I brought Wilson pretty frequently and he always seemed to have a good time, but I knew it was going to be busy and way crowded and didn't want to end up having to carry him. At almost 6 months, Henry is still small enough to be carried for long periods of time, and he hasn't ever been to the farmer's market, so I decided to bring him along. And he was a big hit, of course. Everyone stopped to pet him and get kisses and tell me how cute he is and how much they love pugs and when they can get a dog they want to get a pug, and how Aunt so-and-so has one and she just loves it so much. He ate up all the attention, which was nice because Wilson is a little more anti-social, and tends to offer up a polite sniff when presented with a strange hand. By the end of our two hour excursion, Henry was resting his head on my shoulder trying to catch a quick nap. We got home, retrieved Wilson from the bedroom where he was napping with Aaron, and the three of us napped on the couch for awhile.
Later in the evening, I headed to a friends place, planning on going to a subjective circus, which was a theatrical event with live music, plays, break dancing, fire juggling and circus food to support a local art studio. It ended up being rainy and cold, so we instead stayed in and chatted and watched a movie. The movie we ended up watching was Shortbus - if you've heard of it, you know. If you haven't, feel free to IMDB it because I'm not comfortable discussing knowing there are underage puggies reading. Suffice it to say - it was really very good, and was not about mentally handicapped children, as the name might infer. It was by the same director as Hedwig and The Angry Itch. After Shortbus, we started watching Savages with Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman and it was also really very good, but I started falling asleep about halfway through and ended up going home to bed.
Sunday morning I got up and ran to Lowe's to get geraniums for Aaron's mom and tomato plants for mine. We went to my parent's first, and had dinner and sat outside watching my 3 year old nephew chase Henry and Wilson. Later in the evening we went to Aaron's parents and had ice cream. Aaron's mother collects antiques and has thousands and always has new additions to show me. This week she had a 3 tier table that looked like a 3 tier cake display, only 4 feet tall, as well as a couple pieces of painted china and a painting. She gets a lot of stuff from garage sales, but also does auctions and a little bit of ebay. I can't imagine people selling these treasures, but I suppose after years of watching something collect dust, you just want to get rid of it and don't bother looking at how much its actually worth. Aaron's dad always jokes that the house itself would be assessed for less than half the price of all the junk in it.
I also got my stimulus check! Whoo hoo! I plan on putting it towards college loans - what about you guys? Are you being good Americans and using it to stimulate our economy?


Nevis said...

I will probally spend mine on a vacation. So yes, I guess I'll be a good American!

Anonymous said...

Not american.. although if i did get one.. I would put it towards gas.. we are sitting at 132 a litre for low grade. :(

It sounds like you had fun.. I always love when people tell me all about pugs and blah blah! I feel so self concious when I go check out other people's pugs but I just tell them I have 2. :) No long stories!

Clover said...

Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! I am not sure what a stimulus cheque is, but I'm in Canada and I bought a treadmill with my tax return!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

I remember when I was a tiny puppy and Mom would take me to her college classes. She set me on her desk next to her notebook and test books and I slept through Egyptology and World Archaeology, but always woke up in time for a quick pee and The Anthropology of Gender. Sigh....I used to get so much attention back then!
Now, I am so big that I would take up and entire desk...:(
Jemima Jones Beck