Friday, April 11, 2008


Here's the before bathroom pic. Plain white. But high gloss white, which is more offensive to me than just plain white.

And some after shots. I haven't got it decorated how I'd like yet - and also these pictures are with my camera phone so hopefully I'll get my camera back from the folks this weekend and can post better pictures. You guys will be on bathroom pic overload!
I may have mentioned the bathroom is has two doors, one going to each bedroom on either side, and on one side is the bathtub and the other side has the sink and toilet.

Anyhow...I'm happy with it. The color somehow looks okay with the 70's cream and brown sink, which was one of my concerns.
In other news, we noticed this morning that Henry was limping pretty badly. I'm guessing (hoping, really) that he just got bruised up from too much roughhousing. But he was also a little lethargic compared to his usual early morning rambunctious self. But that could be because he was up way past his bedtime the night before. I also rubbed the leg and paw and in question to try and find the source of the limp, but he didn't flinch. And he wouldn't jump off of the bed or onto the couch. He would just sit and wait until someone moved him. I'm really scared that its hip dysplasia, but I keep telling myself he just hurt it playing and that he's tired. For now, I'm going to wait and see, because I'm sure that's what the vet would say. If I don't see any improvement by Monday I'll definitely take him in. I would just be devastated if its hip dyslplasia. He's not even 5 months old!
I also found out the other day that Prince is going to be one of the headliners at Coachella on Saturday. I have only bought a ticket for Sunday, because I was really only interested in seeing Roger Waters, but now I'm trying to decide if I should go Saturday as well. In addition to the extra $90, it would be two trips from LA to Coachella in one weekend. That's at least a two hour drive each way, depending on traffic. But really, its Prince. I have to go, right?


The Devil Dog said...

Uh, YEAH! It's Prince. And Prince is great live, I have heard. So mom says, duh! GO! Mom likes the bathroom. She hates white. Can't stand brown or beige and our house is filled with lots of color. You should see our cabinets.


Anonymous said...

For sure you have to go see Prince! Coming from someone from Minneapolis! haha

LOVE the blue in your bathroom! I can't wait to have a house that I can paint, paint, paint! We are renting and all the walls are white and boring. I am sure we could paint but I don't want to paint it back again in 6 months when we move!

Pug Mommy said...

Love the bathroom.

I hope Henry is ok. Have you ever had your pugs checked for luxating patellas, where the knees pop out of socket? It is very common in pugs, Napoleon has it, and Maggie had it in both knees. When we first noticed Napoleon when we was hopping around with his back leg extended until he figuered out how to get it back in socket. Like I said, it is very common in pugs and can be corrected with surgery but most of the time it is not necessary until it is causing your pug pain.

Let us know what you find out drop me a line at my blog if it turns out it is or sounds like luxating patellas. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I hope Henry is ok. Indy has a luxating petella too. We were walking one day and she started limping. No pain anywhere that I could find. We are sitting on the edge of surgery, the vet thinks her knee cap is out almost all the time. :(

Love the bathroom color.. really pretty!

Steve the Creep said...

You don't haaaaaaaave to go to Prince. I mean, that's a looooot of driving. Maybe you can just pick up a CD.

TwoPugs said...

The bathroom looks great! I'm thinking of changing mine too. Now I'm thinking that blue is very nice...

I hope Henry's okay. Pearl went through a period where her leg would hurt sometimes. I think it was from jumping off things or playing a lot. That was about 2 years ago though and she's completely fine. It always went away after a little while. A friend actually told me you can ice the leg - !!! - yeah, not so easy to do.

Hope he's better soon!

Clover said...

I hope Henry is ok. Please give him some hugs and kisses for me.
The bathroom looks great!
And mom says that you had better go to see Prince. You would regret not going!
Love Clover xo

Anonymous said...


I tagged you for a meme, stop by my blog and check it out!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Love the blue!
Jemima Jones Beck