Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Taping is a bitch

I started painting the bathroom when I got home last night. The color is called cornflower blue, and its at Lowes. Its a pretty darkish gray blue. I was afraid it would be too dark, because the bathroom is very small, but there are two white doors, a large white medicine cabinet, and of course the tub surround is white. So I think by the time I'm done, it'll look okay. I didn't realize quite how high my ceilings are (10 feet!) and I don't have a ladder, so right now I've got it all done except about a 3 foot space by the ceiling. I also want to do another layer, and then clean up my edges if need be. I've got crown and base molding, and they've been so laquered over with paint through the years that there are no right angles on which to tape. I just had to guesstimate where the break between wall and molding should be, and pray the tape is straight! This picture is a bit dark, I'll try to get better pictures tonight when its finished.

Okay, so we have to talk about the New Kids On The Block. They were on the Today show last week, and the audience was screaming so loud, you couldn't hear what anyone was saying! They didn't even perform! I can't imagine why they're having a comeback, other than needing money I guess. I don't know that any of them have been doing anything lime-light related. I guess Donnie has had a few movies, but I haven't heard about any of them on reality shows. What sort of music are they going to be making? And why wouldn't they just do a reunion tour? And why were the girls in the audience screaming so? I mean I was a fan back in the day, I had tapes and probably a poster or two. A friend of mine had bedding, dolls, the whole nine yards. Its cool to see them again, and see what they've been up to, but they haven't made any music in nearly two decades. Anyway. Maybe I'm being a spoil sport. What do you guys think? Is it time once again to embrace NKOTB?


WenigGluckliches said...

She still has the dolls in storage somewhere. Probably the bedding as well.

There is NO desire whatsoever to see or hear from that lame-ass boyband ever again. Mortification sets in knowing that i was ever fan.


Nevis said...

We need to see a "wider" shot of the bathroom..! I want to get the full effect. Otherwise it looks great.

The Devil Dog said...

Mom never embraced them before, maybe she was too old, so she is not embracing them not. Maybe she is too old. Mom is more into U2, Tom Petty and Rodrigo y Gabriela.


Anonymous said...

I was never a big of them.. and I was in the right age group when they came out. :)
I could care less... I am more interested in the supposed return of BSB minus 1 reunion that is coming. :)

LOVE the color!!

Clover said...

I'm with Lex - was not a huge New Kids fan...
Bathroom looks nice! Hope the rest of your painting goes well!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I like that blue color - very nice. Bathrooms are the worst to paint because of all the taping. You did a great job!

Yeah, what's up with NKOTB? I liked them in 7th grade. I'm 31 now. Who was screaming for them? They're old men now.