Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Brand

According to wikipedia, branding has been used historically to mark the rightless, as punishment, to show ownership, and to mark Jews during WW II. More recently it is still done to mark slaves, but generally more in a BDSM way, as a way to haze and also as a form of body art. Traditional hot irons are used in addition to cold iron, that is frozen with liquid nitrogen - the stuff they take warts off with. Anyone who has seen Jackass probably remembers the branding scene, and while I haven't seen this scene, I want a brand. My coworker seems to think that if I see this particular scene, I'd change my mind. I have seen videos of people getting branded and still want it. My concern is more with how it will smell (burning flesh) than how it will feel. Also how to cause a nice scar without infection. If I put neosporin on it, the wound will close quicker and not scar. But if I don't use some kind of antibacterial ointment, it could get infected. Another website suggested iodine, which would keep the wound open but still kill any bacteria. I've got several ideas for what design I would like, and wikipedia gave me several more. Most likely I would go with the mathmatical design for inequality, the equal sign with the slash through it. Not because I like math or anything - I despise math, but more to represent humanity's inherint inequality. I also like F - which is short for fugitivus, which the Romans branded runaway slaves with. If I could find something that represents rightlessness (is that a word?) I would be very happy.
Anybody have any other ideas? Think I'm crazy? Think its cool?


WenigGluckliches said...

Yeah, go ahead. Use iodine. Mmhm. You'll only do that once.

(Hey my word verification is "nhkile"!!!)

The Devil Dog said...

I think you are very brave. I wouldn't want to do it. You might have to expain the inequality sign to people, though. Some of them might not understand.


WenigGluckliches said...

Devil Dog's right. You know how i hate going into explaining my sleeve to people because they just blow it off. "Hmph." They didn't care in the first place.

So i was in Target last night and some guy stopped me and asked me what my tat's mean. My new stock response is;

"Nothing. I just really like tattoo's."

"They don't mean anything to you?"

"No. I just appreciate the art."

Sorry dude. i don't have time to explain.

Depending on where you put it, you may or may not have this problem.

Anonymous said...

I have a girlfriend who is part native, she lives in New Brunswick and part of her culture involves branding. Her tribe(?) used to be/are warriors of the bear, so she has this beautiful brand of a bear claw print on her upper breast above her heart. It looks like a delicately shaded tattoo.. beautiful.
Apparently in her culture, they use special oils to help with the branding, shading, and healing. Plus so it doesn't stink like burning flesh.
That maybe a good avenue to look into, especially since they have been doing it for god knows how many years.

With Jackass... yea... it's Jackass.. i remember that scene... Johnny Knoxville was standing there when they shoved a red hot brand on his but, he jumped away before they could press the brand down so it got done a handful of times and it looks awful (like the happyface tattoo done while off roading...)
You don't need to explain anything to anyone, as long as you want it there and it means something to you. I like it cause it's cool :p

Anonymous said...

I advise you find somebody that knows what they are doing, has loads of experience and doesn't just give you idodine!!

WenigGluckliches said...

Anyone with experience in branding and has made a business out of it will have the stuff you will need to heal and smell correctly.

And i'm tellin' ya girl; it's going to hurt way worse than any tattoo. And you've seen me quiver and shake.

If Johnny Knoxville pulled away before making one, good burn....good luck to you.

Nevis said...

Umm...crazy and brave. But I agree with Devil dog, too.

Bryce said...

my only mental association with branding is branding cattle for owernship. i have to admit i'm very naive about the world of human branding for body art. the guys on jackass branded a penis on one of their behinds but it was a total trivalization(sp?) of the practice. I have read articles about artful cutting to produce scar tissue. it was pretty interesting. my guess is that most people will see it as just a decoration such as a tattoo without making the connection of inequality.....speaking of inequality, a real life situation of this happened where i worked where a person who was a temp...the lowest in the class system of a corporate office was fired for missing too many days when her father had a massive heart attack. So.....inequality and classism are a reality ....your brand will represent something that even the average american 22 year old girl faces

Bryce said...

just a side note....i was watching an episode of Law&Order this morning and the hit man would brand an crescent moon behind the ear of each person he "hit"....i know its creepy but as long as we're on the subjuect of branding.....